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Obtaining Electronic Files

Terms and Conditions

Southern Consulting (SCE) is happy to share electronic files with Clients, Contractors, Fabricators or any other party who may need them and has permission to obtain them. However, there are conditions to both obtaining and using these files.

1. Southern Consulting makes no representation that the files are appropriate for your use.
2. Southern Consulting makes no representation that the files accurately reflect the intended project conditions. Dimensions, layouts and other items may not be drawn to scale.
3. Southern Consulting created these files for our purposes and use only. Any use by an outside party is at their sole risk.
4. You agree not to share these files with any outside or third party and accept full resposibility and risk for their use.

By submitting this request to obtain copies of our electronic files you agree to the above conditions. Further, you agree to hold Southern Consulting harmless against any potential liability that may arrise from your use of these drawings.

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